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EN 2017-04-27

Why you should combine PR and Content Marketing for your business

Public Relations (PR) and Content Marketing are two sides of the same coin. Contrary to what many people may think, the advent of social media does not make PR irrelevant. In this article, learn how to combine PR with Content Marketing to head towards success.
– The PR team can guide the Content Marketing team to produce such content that resonates with the latest market trends
– Combining PR and Content helps you send a unified message across various digital platforms
– This combination allows you to place impactful, high-quality and readymade content into the hands of influencers and media

EN 2017-04-27

Why you need to document your Content Marketing strategy

Setting up a Content Marketing strategy is crucial for any business nowadays. Nevertheless, it is equally important to document it as every team member can clearly see what, why and how your company is communicating. With this strategy, it becomes easier to pull other employees apart from the marketing team into the process. There are seven points to take note:
– Overall mission
-Target audience
– Content mix plan
– Content creation process
– Editorial calendar
– Distribution plan
– Return on Investment calculator

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EN 2017-04-25

Understanding the differences between content curation and content creation

Content marketing has known to impose itself as a hot topic in marketing strategies. It has become the core of many businesses as it powerfully draws attention to brands and allows businesses to showcase their knowledge in a particular field. Businesses should know how to use both content creation and content curation. Two main points to be considered are:
– Content creation includes videos, photos, graphics, podcasts and even cartoons apart from articles
– Content curation is a selection of high-quality articles that you can share on social media on your blog, as links or compiled in a newsletter

PT 2017-04-21

Content marketing is an essential tool for startups to engage with their audience

Content marketing is a strategy whereby businesses engage with their targeted audience through relevant and high-quality content. The content must trigger a positive perception of the product or services being offered. For startups, content marketing can be a pillar as it costs less than traditional marketing strategies. Even if they do not have an audience initially, friends, colleagues, and family can help by pushing the content on social media platforms. There are three main features to consider:
– Idea validation
– Problem validation
– Solution validation

EN 2017-04-17

Content Marketing: Top strategies trending in 2017

Content Marketing is undergoing various changes. Technological innovations like Bots, and the manner customer are relating to content are bringing new challenges. Social networks are, definitely, pivotal in content marketing strategies while marketers are urged to offer authentic content on YouTube or live streaming. Here are some additional tips to get you going in pace with the latest trends:
– Migrate from Snapchat to Instagram
– Adopt Influencer marketing
– Use videos and educational content in Email marketing

EN 2017-04-12

Tips to set up an industry-targeted content strategy

Recent surveys have demonstrated that content marketing strategies are highly fruitful when targeting niche audiences. As such, while defining your content strategy, it would be wise to segment your audience industry-wise. This should be done in collaboration with your sales department and prior to implementation, several aspects should be noted:
– Invest in background research
– Gather information from sales representatives and customers
– Choose the language that will have a higher impact
– Create storylines and key themes

EN 2017-04-11

Why you need a journalist to do your Content Marketing

Journalists are among the top Content Marketers. It is not because they are familiar to writing compelling news or stories with their own original and creative input, or because they have a flair for crispy stories. In fact, they make excellent Content Marketers because of the following reasons:
– They ask the right questions to dig to the fundamentals
– They make sure they get the straight answer
– They know how to collect facts to make a complete report

EN 2017-04-10

How to successfully promote your content

You may take hours to find a topic your customers might be interested in, and even more hours to construct the content. However, if you fail to promote it correctly, even your high-quality content might just end being a waste. Here are two main tips to head in the right direction:
– Use social media as it does not require any budget and is the most popular channel
– Use SEO as it will increase the lifespan of your content

EN 2017-04-07

Guidelines to make the most of Content Curation

A survey by Trapit has demonstrated that 74 percent of marketers strongly believe that curation is a key element of content marketing. The web is flooded with content and it may indeed become tough to pick out high-quality content that everyone must be already looking for. This task is vital as your readers must be offered excellent curated content at any cost. Here are some tips:
– Sift through your own content
– Vary content types
– Use right tools for streamlining

EN 2017-04-06

Content Creation: Customers want to co-create with you

Your clients do want to be an active part of your content creation. They do want to become co-creators of your brand. According to the Grist Value of B2B thought leadership survey, 80 percent of people stated that they want to consume content that they themselves and their peers are involved in developing. Here are three top strategies to enable this participation:
– Interview your clients
– Make your clients survey respondents
– Integrate clients as members of an editorial panel

EN 2017-04-05

Content Marketing: Avoiding mistakes that may derail your business

A great strategy, clear goals and high-quality content are crucial for successful Content Marketing. However, it does take time to notice the Return on Investment. Consequently, in some cases, it might be too late to fix certain mistakes that you may have made at the very start. So, here are three key features to consider while launching your Content Marketing strategy to be on your guard:
– Avoid highly promotional content at all costs   
– Invest in professional and high-quality writing
– Offer creative and original content to stand out

DE 2017-04-05

Content Marketing: Turning brands into media

With the advent of Content Marketing as a new marketing strategy, brands are embracing the role of media to promote themselves in the limelight. Today, many companies have their own exciting content, their own channels, and their own social media platforms to share this content. Some even possess their own newsroom, with freshly created positions like ‘transaction editor’ and where the term ‘Content Marketing’ itself is becoming closer to ‘Company Journalism’. Certain brands see this approach as highly successful compared to the returns of traditional advertising, hence, cutting costs on the latter strategy.

EN 2017-04-04

Trello: The standout free tool for organizing content marketing

It is free. And it is also user-friendly. Trello is one of the best handy marketing tools, allowing proper organization of content marketing.  Big companies over the world are using it while its number of users worldwide is around 1.1 million daily. In this article, Neil Patel offers a crash course on how to get started with Trello and the multiple facets of this wonderful flexible tool that you can use for various tasks.

EN 2017-04-04

WordPress: Guidelines to source, manage and share third-party content

When you have your own website, you certainly wish to have your own original content. Nevertheless, it can be a smart tactic to source and share third-party quality content with your readers from time to time. You can do so through simple linking, content aggregation or content curation through plugins. This strategy helps you to:  
– Lighten your workload
– Increase your own credibility
– Act as a reference for good information
– Create connections and become part of a greater community

ES 2017-04-03

Five key features to include in your marketing strategy

Digital marketing is occupying a key role in the overall marketing strategy of businesses. Boasting of several advantages such as reaching a wider target as well as a segmented one, digital marketing is, however, profitable only if it is properly set up. Here are five key elements to include at any cost:
– Be reliable by offering quality content
– Create your own fresh content
– Keep an editorial calendar for workflow management
– Distribute the content, while adapting them to the platforms
– Measure effectiveness

EN 2017-04-02

Content Marketing tips: How to use live videos to build your brand

 More commonly known as “lives”, live videos on social networks have become increasingly popular since 2016. They have become a full-fledged tool and successful examples are Periscope and Facebook Live, among others. Many brands have benefited from this concept within a few months. Indeed, live videos allow:
– Immediate interaction with subscribers
– A spontaneous and natural exchange with the audience
– Saving of time due to the absence of the post-production part
– Rapid gain of trust that is faster

EN 2017-03-31

Best practices in Content Marketing

Take suggestions from your audience and you will recurrently optimize your conversion chances. This is the keynote of Content Marketing. And although the strategy evolves year after year, it is important that you adopt some good practices to ensure the success of your strategy.
– Plan your content marketing strategy in detail
– Customize your content to the maximum
– Establish and maintain your online and offline network
– List the email addresses of your readers as much as possible

EN 2017-03-16

Ten best Content Marketing posts in 2016

EN 2017-03-31

Why you are at loss if you do not invest in Content Marketing

Content Marketing is vital to the success of any business nowadays. 75 percent of companies are investing more in Content Marketing as they understand that this end-user-focused strategy is paying off well.  Content marketing adds value to your brand and this is the main reason why it works. To produce impactful content, bear these four points in mind:
– Your messaging should include safety, belonging and mattering
– Use meta-programs
– Focus on the radio station What’s In It For Me
– Use curiosity, urgency, relevance, value and emotion

EN 2017-03-31

Do not overlook relationships while hunting for transactional work

More and more marketers are being overwhelmed with projects that they are sacrificing relationships that can lead to significantly higher quality and efficient work.  For reasons like lack of time and the need to cut cost, the reticence to invest on building relationships may be very detrimental to your business as transactional work has various limitations:
– You cannot be proactive if you fail to understand client’s needs
– Absence of creative work will lower the quality of work
– Absence of good content marketing will entail inconsistencies with branding and marketing

PT 2017-03-31

Three common mistakes to avoid in your Content Marketing strategy

Content Marketing is vital for the good performance of businesses. However, there are three common mistakes that companies make:
– All your content must not be about your company. Instead, talk about your customers’ problems and needs, and solutions you can bring. Remember that customers do not care about you, they care about themselves.
– Content Marketing is a long-term job. So do not expect wondrous results overnight.
– Counting the number of followers on networks or visits on your website is not enough. Look at conversions, at the number of leads generated and the number of sales.

EN 2017-03-28

Case studies in your marketing strategy helps convert prospects into clients

Case studies largely help to convert visitors to your site into customers. By providing a genuine insight into your services and sharing success stories with clients, you will push prospects to move from browsing to buying your products or services.
– For B2B companies, peer-to-peer influence is great and case studies will definitely influence decisions
– To publish an impactful case study, explain why the client contacted you, what measures you took to tackle the problem and what were the results, demonstrating how your services benefited the client.

EN 2017-03-23

Why and how to outsource your Content Marketing

Many businesses are already overwhelmed with day-to-day running. Even if you may set an attractive Content Marketing plan, it will be of no use if it is not properly executed. You may then consider outsourcing this strategy. Here are some tips to take into consideration:
– Outsourcing will mobilize your Content Marketing strategy rapidly
– You will save money by not having to recruit permanent staff for content
– Plan a budget and evaluate your priorities before outsourcing
– Make your goals clear to define on what to focus your content strategy

EN 2017-03-14

Businesses should rely on content marketing to recruit best employees

Content marketing is an innovative tool being used for recruitment as well as securing best employees. Today, best staff can be easily poached by rivaling companies. Used judiciously, content marketing may help you recruit and retain productive employees. So, how do you go about with it?
– Use online resources for writing, proofreading, posting adverts and interviewing
– Devise a strategy based on social media patterns of targeted employees
– Communicate a clear picture of your ideal employee
– Contact HR firms
– Keep existing staff happy for them to recommend your business

FR 2017-04-11

The comprehensive guide to use Influencer Marketing

FR 2017-04-05

Videos on e-commerce sites convert visitors into buyers


ES 2017-04-13

Avoid common SEO mistakes in Content Marketing

Content Marketing has become a pivotal strategy adopted by businesses. However, just creating content itself will not attract mass visitors or clients. For it to be impactful it has to be positioned wisely and this is where SEO plays a major role. There are certain key features to be considered:
– Your content should be around 2,400 words to be positioned in Google’s first pages
– Use subtitles and cite sources to increase credibility
– Promote content and optimize meta tags

FR 2017-04-03

The many reasons to still adopt SEO techniques

PT 2017-04-02

How to position your site among the top rankings of Google in 2017

Rodrigo Porto is a specialist in organic traffic. In an article published on 21 February 2017 on, he shares his advice to retailers on how the latter can increase their visibility on the Internet and acquire new customers. They must:
– Identify the needs and problems faced by their audience
– Write or have articles written focusing on these points
– Publish these articles on a blog

NL 2017-03-31

SEO writing still matters!

Beyond the multiple facets of digital marketing, SEO still has its importance. Remember to focus on editorial techniques optimized for SEO to make your strategy even more effective. Here are the golden rules for an SEO editor:
– Choose strong keywords to better reference your content
– Carry positive messages with every post
– Adapt the tone and language of your posts to the knowledge of your audience
– Always place your keywords at the beginning of the heading
– Adopt the model of the inverted pyramid
– Do not neglect the call-to-action

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ES 2017-04-25

Columbia: Investment in marketing and digital advertising is booming

In an interview published in El Tiempo, Olga Britto, the Executive Director of Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Columbia shares her analysis of the marketing and digital advertising industry in 2016. The main points she highlighted are:
– Investment in advertising in media and digital platforms witnessed an increase of 20 percent
– Services, commerce and automotive are the sectors that invested the most
– Mobile advertising may soon exceed desktop advertising

EN 2017-04-17

Lessons from brands for measuring Content Marketing

Content Marketing is an essential tool in marketing strategies. However, it remains equally crucial to measure the returns. In partnership with Digiday’s CUSTOM studio, has interviewed 300 brands, agencies and publishing professionals. This survey led to the following conclusions:
– Brands are focused on results; conversions being the primary tool
– Publishers master the use of analytics to engage audience
– Following conversions, social sharing and click-through-rate are vital
– Adopting internal benchmarks is good to have a better understanding of goals and success

EN 2017-04-11

Pepsi Ad: Why Influencer Marketing failed this time

Very popular, Influencer Marketing is adopted by several brands to promote products, services or the image of the brand itself. Recently, however, Pepsi using the fashion model and TV personality Kendall Jenner in an ad, failed mainly because the scenario itself was highly unrealistic. Here are some reasons why it all went wrong:
– The Influencer (Kendall Jenner) had no relation whatsoever with the creative process
– Pepsi failed to understand that by using an Influencer they were automatically targeting a segment and not everyone
-They did not test the idea before investing

ES 2017-04-02

The most popular profiles in digital marketing for 2017

An article in El Mundo enumerates the profiles that will be particularly sought after by companies in 2017 to manage their digital marketing. These professionals will need to have solid training and adhere to the era of marketing 3.0. Thus, today, companies must respond to the needs of their customers before thinking about profits.
The most prominent positions this year are:
– Community Manager
– Marketing Manager
– Inbound Marketing specialist

ES 2017-03-20

Guidelines to benefit the most from online marketing

It is no secret that online marketing is a great means to earn revenue for your business. Digital strategies are very effective to attract and hook potential clients and consequently, boosting sales. However, if applied wrongly, online marketing may have a negative impact on your business. So, be sure to follow these rules:
– provide relevant content
– be present on social media
– monitor your marketing strategy
– measure results
– innovate and stay up-to-date

PT 2017-03-16

Ten best digital marketing practices to adopt in 2017

Digital marketing is a vital strategy for any business. Communicating the benefits of your services or products to consumers is equally as important as tracking competitors. Here are ten top best practices that you need to embrace this year:
– Define your target audience
– Track competitors and their strategies
– Devise an action plan in terms of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing
– Choose relevant channels
– Offer significant and interesting content
– Build a strong communication strategy
– Send e-mails as per individual needs
– Be mobile-friendly
– Use Geolocation to promote accessibility
– Utilize Web Analytics tools


EN 2017-04-20

Getting started with video content marketing

You may be already aware that many business decision-makers love B2B videos because they offer maximum information within a short period of time. Indeed, B2B videos are one of the most successful means to showcase your brand. To reap the benefits of video content marketing and increase conversion rates, you have to:
– Create engaging video content
– Your content should be thoughtful, planned and integrated into your marketing process
– Invest in SEO
– Empower your sales teams with B2B sales videos

NL 2017-03-31

Marketing directors, webinars are your allies!

Webinars have finally dethroned the famous white paper and the case study. Among the most effective business practices, webinars are second only to physical events (fairs, conferences, etc.). There are several advantages related to this strategy:
– Transmit a message as in a conference, thanks to communication via the Internet
– Get as much information about your prospects through the registration forms
– Enrich your online and offline network
– Benefit from a satisfactory ROI


EN 2017-04-18

Tips to use Influencer Marketing to boost your business

Trust is a key element in developing brand loyalty for businesses. It has been proven that consumers are more ready to purchase products or services if other people share positive feedback about the products. Influencer Marketing can consequently have a deep impact as it naturally fits on social media platforms where most consumers are present, and can expand your reach. In itself, Influencer Marketing combines various forms of effective advertising. Influencer Marketing equally helps by:
– Yielding a high return on investment
– Boosting SEO
– Identifying relevant leads and markets

PT 2017-04-03

Using digital marketing to boost up sales

If well exploited, digital marketing can boost up sales for micro and small businesses. There are various features to take into account to maximize the potential of this strategy, the production of content being at the core as it remains the ultimate tool to attract new sales opportunities. Otherwise, using digital platforms allows entrepreneurs to:
– Track trends of potential customers
– Understand obstacles and provide relevant solutions
– Offer online courses to hook clients
– Create greater interaction with consumers

PT 2017-04-02

Co-creation is the essence of the future of marketing

Gone is the time of one-way advertising. Today, think about creating content by involving consumers of your brand and influencers related to your industry. Co-creation will certainly gain momentum in the coming years. To create the right impact, think about the following key features:
– Involve renowned influencers, renowned in your audience and who can contribute to your reputation
– Share your message to a denser audience
– Be responsive to your audience
– Establish a lasting relationship with your consumers
– Boost your Return on Investment

ES 2017-04-02

Top marketing strategies to start a business

The success of any business lies on several factors including its marketing strategies. The best one will help you save time and costs and offer the best service to your clients as well. To define an efficient marketing strategy, follow these guidelines:
– Elaborate a value proposition
– Analyze possible competition
– Utilize online platforms
– Provide quality content on social networks regularly
– Adopt a good SEO strategy
– Obtain feedback from customers and adapt accordingly

EN 2017-03-31

Native advertising tops as new publishing strategy

Publishers and advertisers are betting largely on native advertising as an efficient marketing strategy. Being the third most popular tactic, native advertising can be highly successful to promote a brand if the following key points are taken into consideration:
– Hit hard with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter
– Aim large audiences rather than niche markets
– Clear labeling avoids consumers’ deception
– Brand your ad as a story instead of making it look like a TV commercial
– Use appropriate channels to reach targeted audience
– Venture into mobile messaging

ES 2017-03-28

Inbound Marketing: Why you should educate the customer

Inbound Marketing is an excellent mechanism to hook clients through relevant and valuable content. To achieve this end, you should, however, bear in mind that the customer should be educated to help them in their buying decisions. Here are some key points for your strategy:
– A customer should find in you a solution to his problem or need
– For this, provide him with valuable content
– This will help build a relationship of trust

PT 2017-03-23

Co-creation boosts brand image and sales

Brands are innovating by devising new means to reach their target audience. The latest marketing trend is to co-create with your fans or clients. This strategy has outrun traditional marketing methods and advertising. One of the best examples is LEGO that started collaborating with fans. Co-creation presents numerous advantages such as:
– Creative ideas
– Product innovation
– Stronger customer engagement over long term
– Real solutions to challenges
– More transparency and advertising options
– User-generated content leading to increase in sales
– Increase in Return on Investment

EN 2017-03-20

Best practices to maximize benefits from influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a trendy strategy in sales as well as public relations. It has proven that it can be a real driving force for customer engagement and sales. To gain maximum profits from this strategy, here are some best practices to adopt:
– choose an influencer who is relevant to your product or services. If you are launching a fashion company, choose a model
– measure actions and not just views through tools like Snips
– avoid overpaying or underpaying influencers by measuring performance

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EN 2017-04-21

Neal Shaffer: Right tactics to create a content strategy for social media

Social media is not simply an amplification channel. Those viewing it as a means to advertise are getting it wrong, according to Neal Schaffer. The latter pinpoints that audience on social media wants to interact. In this article, he explains the main tactics that you can adopt for setting up the adapted content:
– Auditing your competitors is important
– Understand which particular content type you want to use on social platforms
– Develop your visual voice and engage with your audience

ES 2017-04-14

Seven Instagram apps guaranteed to entice your followers

Instagram is one if the three top social media platforms. It is natural that if you want to demarcate yourself on it, you must pay minute attention to various aspects of photography and video editing as well as the layout. In this article, you will learn about the top seven apps especially designed for Instagram apart from well-known Boomerang for video editing and VSCO Cam, the retouching app:
– Snapseed
– Whitagram
– Hyperlapse
– Layout
– Videoshow

ES 2017-04-07

Tips to create and use your Facebook group as a marketing tool

A Facebook group can be a perfect marketing tool. Different from a Facebook page, it not only allows you to interact with prospects and clients, but it equally has the potential to influence the latter to buy your products and services. Here are some tips to get started:
– Choose a central theme for the group
– Make it private for exclusivity and protection
– Set group rules
– Offer free content and rewards

EN 2017-04-02

Seven tools to monitor and measure the impact of your Instagram campaigns

Visual Marketing is not a term used as often as SEO, Content Marketing or brand content. It, however, plays an essential role for certain brands for which visual content is the primary source of engagement. Such is the case for tourism, fashion, and to a lesser extent, some hi-tech sectors.  The site lists 7 useful tools to measure the effectiveness of visual content on Instagram. At the top of the list is Curalate.

EN 2017-03-31

Social networking and content marketing: how to sell successfully

 In a video posted on on November 2, 2016, Ian Cleary, director and founder of RazorSocial, shares tips to help businesses boost their traffic through social networks and content marketing.
For this, he has adopted a technique called PRISM and highlights:
– The target audience
– The link leading to the audience
– Incoming traffic
– Subscriptions to newsletters
– Special offers for new members

#Visual Marketing

EN 2017-04-10

Why you need high-quality photography for your brand

The power of visuals is unequivocal. And using photography to strengthen your brand is an effective method to exploit the visual nature of our brain. It can play a vital role in defining the personality of your brand and thus, enhance your position as an expert. Here are some further reasons to include high-quality photography to your brand:
– It allows you to instantly connect with your customers
– The human brain is a visual instrument and photos allow us to make decisions
– High-quality colors stir up emotions and can be intelligently used on social media accounts, websites, business cards and branded material


EN 2017-04-26

Influential digital marketing: Adopting the three fundamental elements

It is true to say that content possesses the messages you wish to pass on. However, if you fail to grasp the fundamentals of these messages, you are also going to fail to create the influence with your targeted audience that leads to sales. Here is what you need to bear in mind:
– Don’t compare yourself with your geographic neighbors as social media has pushed expectations on a worldwide level
– Remember that your prospects are looking for guidance to become their best selves
– People trust people like themselves and not representatives of traditional power centers

EN 2017-04-26

Six steps to develop your Influencer Marketing strategy

If you have a business, you must be knowing that high-profile individuals can help market your product effectively. However, setting up this strategy is not simple and minute strategic decisions should be taken to avoid choosing the wrong influencer. Here are six steps to bear in mind:
– Know your audience
– Be realistic about your influencer
– Establish a personal contact with the potential influencer
– Be clear about your goals and expectations with regards to the influencer
– Let the influencer have his say too
– Study your data

RU 2017-04-24 https:

Six tools to adopt to become a successful businessman

Doing business is becoming easier with all the tools available nowadays:
– SeoPult is an automated system for reaching targeted audience
– InvoiceBox is a complex solution that accepts almost all kinds of payments
– Use SCIM as your administrative platform.
– Use Nozbe for task management. With this cross-platform bearing a user-friendly interface and possibility to integrate with other services, you can manage hundreds of tasks without the least worry.
– Use Track It, a convenient service for tracking postal items
– OneBox CRM is a software package allowing management of large systems

EN 2017-04-20

Why Influencer Marketing is a safer strategy for certain brands

When you opt for Influencer Marketing, you should be aware that you are placing your brand into the hands of one individual. Even if it may seem risky, if you do manage to choose the right influencer, you may have good returns. The influencer has real deep relationships with his audience, and the influence he generates differs from ads placed on TV, banners or the Web. Here are some points to be noted while defining your strategy:
– Think of influencers as content creators
– One challenge is to cut across several platforms

EN 2017-04-18

Why Content Curation should go hand in hand with Corporate Training

Corporate training rhymes with giving out relevant, fresh and accessible information. To meet this end, it can be highly beneficial to adopt a content curation strategy. If used wisely, content curation, which is a continuous exercise to find and filter relevant content, can present several advantages both for businesses and learners. It allows you to:
– Gather and organize all resources available on a unique platform
– Ensures that only the highest quality content is offered
– Motivates staff
– Promotes continuous learning
– Provides personalized feedback

EN 2017-04-14

Marketers should focus on influence and not on influencer in their strategies

Experts believe that influencer marketing has taken another stance. They argue that the core of influencer marketing is no more the influencer but the influence brand can make. There are six phases that they believe should be taken into consideration. The two most obvious ones are, certainly, setting clear-cut objectives and choosing the right influencer, of course. Here are the other key aspects:
– Define your audience
– Be creative
– Distribute at scale
– Measure results

EN 2017-04-13

Golden pieces of advice for native advertisers

Native advertising requires core competence. According to a study carried out by Boston Consulting Group in 2015, 60 percent of Americans do not trust traditional ads while 96 percent stated that they are ready to trust a brand if they are told about facts or related stories and ideas without feeling that they are being pushed to buy something.
– Be customer-centric
– Think what content works best for your targeted audience
– Think like a reader

EN 2017-04-12

Typical mistakes to avoid with Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is an effective strategy to attract ideal customers. However, some of you might not see the results expected. The principal reason may be because you have, first of all, forsaken a solid plan. To avoid wandering aimlessly and wasting time and money, think of the following points:
– Define your ideal audience and customers
– What are the steps you can use to reach them and catch their attention?
– What are the real challenges you may face?

ES 2017-04-06

Why you should adopt sampling to boost sales

According to a study carried out by the Promotion Marketing Association (PMA), sampling has managed to position itself as one of the most effective B2B strategies. Sampling consists in distributing or demonstrating tests of free promotional products and it has thus become an impactful and effective marketing strategy to attract new customers and present new products as well. Here are some main reasons why you should adopt it:
– 62 percent of consumers consider that sampling helps them in choosing a product
– Brands stand out from competitors
– It allows brands to target audience more directly

EN 2017-04-02

Return on Investment Marketing: What is the cost of unused content?

In an article published on 10 October 2016 on, Ramona Sukhraj unveils her formulas to measure the Return on Investment of Content Marketing campaigns:
– The cost of unused content
– Time spent on site
– The value of a new subscriber
– The value of social action
– The conversion rate
– Cost per lead

EN 2017-04-02

Placing video at the center of your content strategy to retain staff

An efficient content marketing strategy can cut across various levels. As it can target audiences, customers, and potential clients, it may also reach your current employees and future candidates that you wish to recruit. To help your marketing team merge seamlessly with the HR department, follow these rules:
– Adopt new technologies and platforms like Kajabi and Udemy for Business to give your staff the chance to showcase their expertise
– Humanize your brand through video testimonies of current employees
– Get the marketing and HR team bring ideas together that can then be broadcasted on videos

PT 2017-03-31

The art of using emails in an Inbound Marketing strategy

Do not neglect the use of email as part of your Inbound Marketing strategy. Your goal is to generate leads, and emails can be useful. However, there are a few techniques to master so that your mailings are legitimate.
– Choose relevant topics
– Fine-tune the choice of the title of your email
– Be creative
– Create customized emails for the audience you are targeting 

EN 2017-03-31

Influencer Marketing: Adopting right strategies to realize full benefits

Influencer Marketing can be extremely profitable. In fact, if properly applied, it can trigger a ten-time increase in conversion rates and can hook 37 percent more than traditional strategies. If you plan to adopt Influencer Marketing, stick to the following guidelines:
– Do not underfund your Influencer Marketing
– Understand that B2B Influencer Marketing is different from B2C
– Consider lower funnel goals as well
– You are at loss if you do not invest in Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing

EN 2017-03-24

How to avoid classic Content Marketing mistakes

Content Marketing is an integral part of the marketing strategy of most businesses. However, there are many businesses that cannot reap the fruits of this tactic for the simple reason that they are still doing certain classic Content Marketing mistakes and thus, failing to promote their content.
– Low-quality content gives a bad reputation and makes you lose credibility
– Low-value content with fluffy information will not be read
– Absence of sharing buttons is an obstacle
– Share your content on those channels where your targeted audience is present

ES 2017-03-24

Tips to tailor your influencer marketing strategy

Influencer marketing is one of the current buzzwords in marketing. Influencers are emerging on various platforms like YouTube channels, blogs, and social media and are making businesses achieve more popularity and visibility. Here are some fresh points to take note of to help to tailor your influencer marketing strategy:
– An influencer is not always famous but is highly active on social networks
– An influencer may influence your audience more than yourself
– Followers of your influencer may easily become customers
– An influencer may positively impact on the reputation of your brand