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Victoria’s Redbrick launches new influencer marketing application

Victoria’s Redbrick is a fast growing company specialising in software development in Canada. This flagship company has just launched a new innovative application called Assembly. It is dedicated to marketing agencies and companies wishing to optimise the management of their influential advertising campaigns. Assembly is based on the cloud and aims to enable centralised management of marketing campaigns.

What is influence marketing and what is its use?

Influence marketing is a brand new kind of advertising whose goal is to captivate a more difficult audience to convince with the classic ads. Indeed, recurring advertisements broadcast on television, on the radio or on billboards prove tiresome. The sales experts have found a refreshing solution that proves to be remarkably effective. Over the last decade, influence marketing has grown to such an extent that 84% of traders consider using this strategy. The majority of companies allocate considerable resources to optimise the performance of their advertising campaigns.

Influence marketing is better than advertising

The principle of influence marketing is to engage a celebrity, leader or influential person to promote and recommend a product or service. This promotion is done mostly through social media to enhance the trend image of the service or product being marketed. Simple online advertisements do not attract so many people and are often blocked. Influence marketing, featuring celebrities and public figures, captivates more people and thus increases the sales figure. People are more sensitive to an announcement made by their idol, which they see as an example and they will want to imitate.

The management of influence marketing

This new form of media coverage has not changed the management infrastructure for advertising campaigns. That is where Victoria Redbrick’s Assembly intervenes. Marco Pimentel, CEO of the prestigious company, said that the purpose of the application is streamlining the management of market players. For this, the moving parts will be joined together on one and the same platform. Indeed, the management of several tens of campaigns of influence is at least tedious, which motivated the company to create an application to simplify their infrastructures.

The characteristics of the Assembly application

Since influence marketing is increasingly used in a commercial context, Assembly is really welcomed for its optimisation. This innovative application includes campaign management, payments in applications, on-boarding of influence, monitoring of real-time analyzes and reporting. Redbrick offers 15 days free to try 3 assembly package options.

  • Growth Package: Allows users to manage unlimited campaigns,
  • The Pro Plan option: increases campaign creatives and promotes new collaborations,
  • The Enterprise option: features are usually unlimited. Receives templates and expert advice. Dedicated account management 24/24

What exactly does influence marketing do?

Influence marketing occurs as follows:

  • First, identify influential personalities and classify them according to their impact on the public.
  • Engage them so that they can promote society in the community of influential people.
  • They will then market the products or services and thus develop the market awareness about the target markets.
  • These influential people, celebrities or celebrities, will take care of their main mission which is to influence the target audience.

What is the value of influence marketing?

The content of an influence marketing campaign can be seen as a testimony in which celebrities or leaders themselves play the role of a buyer who has tested the product: it is an ongoing evaluation activity.

Influence marketing derives its value from these 3 main sources

  • Social impact: where influences reach millions of consumers through their blogs and social chains.
  • Original content: where influences are so effective for the brand, that they produce original marketing content.
  • Consumer confidence: where influences create and maintain strong links with the public


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