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How to create engaging marketing content for the industrial sector

Engaging marketing content is crucial for the wellbeing of all businesses. However, getting the correct content to render it engaging may prove to be challenging, especially in the industrial sector. The key is to know how to create and provide content that proves to be useful to the engineers and other professionals in the sector visiting your website. Engaging content will not only attract new buyers but will also help retaining the latter.

Devising a content marketing strategy

The foremost challenge for any company is to- logically- increase its sales.  Knowing how to create relevant marketing is therefore a pivotal point to be taken into consideration even before deciding to invest money. Manufacturers tend to consider content marketing daunting.

Even if many industrial companies pinpoint the difficulty they come across in obtaining figures on the return on investment (ROI) of marketing actions, 81 percent of manufacturing industries in North America are already using content marketing (source: 2016 B2B Manufacturing Content Marketing Trends -North America). By creating and providing engaging content, businesses will gain more traction by reaching the targeted audience in an effective manner.

Rules for creating engaging content

You may have content on your website. But the question to ask yourself is whether the content is relevant. Is your website actually enticing new readers and clients? Are you being swamped by competitors on the web? Are your statistics waning?  To get back on track your content should be engaging, that is, genuinely valuable to the visitors. There are certain rules that may help you climb back the ladder:

Your content should target engineers and buyers

If you are rushing to flood your website with massive content, you are on the wrong track. The goal is not to produce maximum content but rather relevant and quality content. This is the reason why it is essential to define a proper and effective content marketing strategy. 82 percent of manufacturing firms do consider that their top priority is to create attractive content (source: 2016 B2B Manufacturing Content Marketing Trends North America).

You should furthermore consider diversifying your content and break the boredom that may settle with just one type of medium that you are using to communicate with the visitors and customers. Feel free to use images, graphics, quotes and videos to spice up your content now and then. Your content should provide relevant information regarding products and be able to answer technical questions that may arise on behalf of customers.

Make maximum use of web marketing tools

There are many marketing tools that allow you to achieve better positioning in search engines. All these tools are unfortunately not used by industrial marketers. It is therefore important to harness the potential of the technical tools of SEO but also of those that make it possible to measure the conversion rate. Keywords are crucial in engaging customers or readers and making sure they read your article or view your content.

Convince buyers to take action

Your content must include elements that lure the buyer to make a purchase. However, it should not look like promotional content. To increase the probability to convert readers into customers, the content should be informative. To achieve this end, reading your content should be dynamic and easy to understand. Engaging content saves your prospects time and does not make them feel they lost time while going through your content. As such, engage brevity and use subheadings to let the content breathe.

You should also include Call-to-Action graphic elements, such as offering a subscription to a newsletter, participating in a webinar, or downloading white papers. You will then be able to convert Internet users into prospects, which is the first step before turning them into customers.

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