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Improve content production for social media pages

In order to optimize your business, it is important to develop a strategy focused on interacting with Internet users via social media, according to the type of products or services you sell. The content must demonstrate its expertise. They must be written in order to reassure, advise and help Internet users in search of an answer to a given problem. With the competition, ensuring your presence on social media requires sustained and functional work. The goal is to make a name for oneself or one’s organisation on the social channels of one’s choice.



Get a real return on investment by optimising your content marketing

Of course, the web is a mine of content, sometimes too deep without a doubt. Be that as it may, this profusion should not discourage those who wish to value their content marketing strategy. If it is possible to inform its readers by answering their queries, two questions remain to be eluded: is your content also informative? For what purpose did you post such or such content? Zoom on these elements to take into account in order to optimize the return on investment of your contents.



Content marketing is a real playground

In the digital age, brand marketing is much more than an announcement of a service or the sales of a product. It is now available in different formats designed to enhance the company and its products. It is a kind of playground with various ways to entertain and conquer target audiences.



The 10 Ways to Implement Relevant Content Marketing

We are at a time when to be interested in a product, the user needs relevant information explaining its use and operation. It is therefore essential for marketers to provide more impactful content. How can we have effective content marketing, sufficiently original, unique and creative? Here are 10 tips to achieve this without too much difficulty.



Victoria’s Redbrick launches new influencer marketing application

Victoria’s Redbrick is a fast growing company specialising in software development in Canada. This flagship company has just launched a new innovative application called Assembly. It is dedicated to marketing agencies and companies wishing to optimise the management of their influential advertising campaigns. Assembly is based on the cloud and aims to enable centralised management of marketing campaigns.