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Get a real return on investment by optimising your content marketing

Of course, the web is a mine of content, sometimes too deep without a doubt. Be that as it may, this profusion should not discourage those who wish to value their content marketing strategy. If it is possible to inform its readers by answering their queries, two questions remain to be eluded: is your content also informative? For what purpose did you post such or such content? Zoom on these elements to take into account in order to optimize the return on investment of your contents.

Find the reason you produce content

If you ask an editor why he wrote his latest content, do not be surprised if he is unable to answer such a question clearly. Obviously, nowadays the information is not lacking, and not a day goes by without information, in particular, making the buzz to take again the popular expression. However, if buzz there is, only those able to explain why they create a content really fly.

Find your own goals and those that your content needs to reach

There is no secret, highly promotional content that can rally the public and convert is above all a thoughtful work upstream. For this, several elements come into play.

Educate the customer

If we do not tell a client that he has a particular need, it is very likely that he will spend his whole life ignoring the need … This is an educational work: make customers aware that through your services or products, they can save time, money, and make life easier. It is useless to tell them in black and white that you are able to offer them all these facilities. For that, bet on data, show them that there is a search behind your content, and subtly, they will understand that they have in their hands the key to their own happiness.

Attract new customers

Each individual has his own challenge. The best way to attract new customers is to show them that you can help them overcome everyday challenges. The teaching tone is not the best method. Also, there is nothing like positivity! Be positive and entertaining in your communication.

Because the goal is to create an emotional connection between customers and your content, be creative in describing the features of your product or service. For example, describe the use of your product in the form of storytelling, or write a case study of a satisfied customer.

Retain existing customers

If your audience consists of converted customers, it is best if they continue to be in this category. To do this, several ways are available to you:

  •     Regular publications on social networks
  •     Custom newsletters
  •     Emailing
  •     Up-to-date information about your business and the landscape in which your business operates

In order to retain these existing customers and maximise the engagement rate, start a social media debate by raising a question, or taking a stand. Be certain that your readers will want to give their opinion.

The reader must identify himself with your brand

Your content should drive your community of readers to identify itself with your brand, no matter how good the product or service your company offers. For this, readers must associate positive ideas with your brand when they cross on the web.

Whether your company has won a prize or has participated in some way in a social project, communicate your pride to your readers! Press release, articles about the project in which the company participated, channels are not lacking to cause a positive feeling among readers.

Incoming links

In order to encourage inbound links, highlight your content by referring to sites that can guide customers to your website. This is called the shared audience. For that, do not hesitate to send your most relevant articles, in phase with their own content, asking to include the link to your company at the time of publication.

Adopting this win-win method is to offer a third party content capable of educating its own audience, but especially to get incoming traffic to your site.

Why and how

The word of the end goes back to the beginning: it is essential to know why you are posting content, whatever it may be. Once the goal is set, take it into consideration when choosing the subject to be addressed, and the audience to whom it will be addressed. The last step will be to make sure that you and your team are on the same page.

Knowing why you are offering content is the assurance of an effective and winning return on investment!

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