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The Role of Content Marketing in SEO

Content has become an essential part of the entire marketing world, thanks to Google and its updates. Thus, internet content marketing is becoming more and more popular. In the US alone, a visitor reads, on average, nearly 200 blogs per month. If content marketing were to disappear on the Internet, there would be fewer blogs available to users.



7 ways to get more subscribers to your content

Content marketing can be used to create a trusting relationship with prospects and customers. This relationship is based on accurate and verified information. However, inaccurate information will not always be imputable to its author. Indeed, the Internet is changing so rapidly and that source links may disappear. There may also be misinterpretation of data. In order to look forward to the public’s trust, more detailed checks are required. These are the foundations of a healthy and strong relationship with its audience. Below are some tips for doing this:



It is high time to outsource your content marketing program

Content marketing has several goals to achieve. These are traffic acquisition, lead generation, and visibility. Creating content is a tedious and time-consuming task. From the study of target audience to the identification of its needs and the proposal of content satisfying its requirements, the steps are numerous. Outsourcing is then a perfectly feasible solution.



Production of television content gets underway on Facebook

Given Netflix’s growing success in televised content, other equally important companies are considering doing the same. And it is in a spirit of competitiveness that after Amazon and Hulu, Facebook also decided to launch its VOD (Video On Demand) service. Mark Zuckerberg wants to produce television series, the latter occupying a non-negligible place in the consumption habits of the majority of households.