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We produce content that concurrently promotes SEO, user engagement and social media presence.

Blog Articles

Optimised for your website’s SEO and long-tail search queries

Videos Articles

To promote user engagement and Click-Through Rate

Brèves et résumés d’articles

News and Digests

To strengthen your social media presence and the visibility of your content

High-quality content

  • Exclusive content

    Our editorial team identifies news items that are covered neither by traditional media nor by your competitors. This lead positions you as a thought leader in your market segment.

  • Written by journalists

    The drafting of articles is supervised throughout the creation process and undergoes a rigorous review. Moreover, all our authors are carefully selected and are subject to a continuous evaluation.

  • Boasting advanced SEO

    Our articles are provided with internal and external links, semantic optimization, along with detailed Schema.org structured data, allowing a double indexing of content by search engines.

  • Helping you set a new standard

    Our exclusive content allows you to get backlinks from authoritative websites, which enables you to improve your site ranking and increase web traffic.

Why use Texteur ?

Discover how our customers use Texteur to strengthen their SEO, gain new leads and develop their revenue

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Information monitoring

Information monitoring

Brand awareness

Brand awareness

Lead nurturing

Lead nurturing

Growth of turnover

Growth of turnover



recorded on average on B2B & B2C websites having a professional blog


during documentary research and drafting of articles


by using a Content Curation software



100% Wordpress Platform

Enhanced User Experience

Naturally optimized for Search Engines

Automated Edition

  • Content structure and organization
  • Internal linking
  • Articles and pages updates
  • Landing pages and Call-to-Action

BlogPedia enhances your content with a first-class blog structure

Content siloing for better SEO performances

Optimized for competitive and long-tail keywords

Distribution of SEO all over the website

Reduction of editing and publishing times by a factor of 4


BlogPedia : technology geared to SEO

Better indexation of your content

Your content benefits from a double indexation by Search Engines, thanks to detailed Schema.org structured data (SemanticMarker technology)

Automated management of content quality

Automated lifetime control of published content to maintain the overall site quality score

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